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  This is a rudimentary index meant to function even if there is no search capability.
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Indexed by first, middle and last names.
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Indexed by first and last names.
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Indexed by all title words exept articles and small conjunctions [the, a, an, of, ...].
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Index by first word only.
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M. Ant
M. Cruze, Andree
M., Dankoo
M. Glover, Kevin
M. Jones
M., Luca
M. Ludwig
M. Ludwig III
M., Marco
M. Max
M. Oliveira, Jérôme
M. Vic Mann
Maas, Danny
Mac Larson
Mace Dixon
Mach, Henry
Machado, Jose
Macho Serge
Macho, Serge
Mack, Danny
Mack, Kathy
Mack Manus
Mackenzie Poe
MacNamara, Marc
MacNamara, Nate
Macrow, Laura
Maddox, Kurt
Madison Young
Madrox, Ian
Magyar, Eric
Magyar, Oliver
Maharis, Will
Mahler, Wolfgang
Mahoel, Phil
Mailer, Richard
Maisonette, Andre
Majik Joel
Major Wood
Majors, Jack
Majors, Kyle
Malcolm Adams
Maletta, Lou
Mallis, Steve
Mallorca, Gary
Maloney, Tim
Man, Maverick
Man Video, Aussie
Mandy Goodhandy
Manfred Speer
Manheim, Keith
Manic Dante
Mann, J.J.
Mann, M. Vic
Mann, Phil
Mann, Randy
Mann, Ricardo
Mann, Ronny
Manny Mano
Mano, Manny
Manta, Ray
Manuel Suave
Manuel, Velia
Manuguerra, Pietro
Manus, Mack
Marande, David
Marc Brodey
Marc Fredericks
Marc Fredrics
Marc Headley
Marc Huestis
Marc Lerude, Jean-
Marc Lynnroe
Marc MacNamara
Marc McNamara
Marc Prouveur, Jean-
Marc Reardon
Marc Salterelli
Marc Thomas
Marcel Amaury
Marcel Bruckmann
Marcel Gegen
Marcel Schlutt
Marcello Cavalcanti
Marcello Luca
Marcello Reeves
Marcelo Monaco
Marcelo Rodriguez
Marchand, Andrew
Marcks, Allan
Marco Antonio
Marco Bakal
Marco DiLucca
Marco, Estevan
Marco M.
Marco Paris
Marco Plaza
Marco Ponti
Marco, Vincent
Marco Volk
Marcos Alexandre
Marcos Piovesan
Marcus, Jason
Marcus Roberts
Marcus Strong
Marcus Strong IV
Marek Bruckner
Marek Frojd
Maria Sieber
Mariano Mariz
Marick, Damian
Mario Fox
Mario G.
Mario Lo Duca
Mario Luna
Mario Ortiz
Mario Pou
Mario Summers
Mariz, Mariano
Mark Aaron
Mark Anthony
Mark DeBoy
Mark Dennegar
Mark Eden
Mark Foreman
Mark Fredricks
Mark Gemini
Mark Hamilton
Mark Harriott
Mark, Jasun
Mark Jensen
Mark, Kathy
Mark Kliem
Mark Lacey
Mark Lorenzo
Mark Ludwig
Mark, Mister
Mark Montana
Mark Morris
Mark Reed
Mark Reilly
Mark Reynolds
Mark Steele
Mark Sterling
Mark Stevens
Mark Wolff
Mark Woods
Mark Zebro
Mark Zicha
Markakis, George
Marko Lebeau
Marks, Gregory
Marks, Quinton
Marks, Roger
Markus Larsson
Marley, Brendon
Marques, Fernando
Mars, Remy
Marsh, John
Marshal, Bob
Marshall, Alexander
Marshall, Bob
Marshall, Christian
Marshall, Jack
Marshall, Jake
Marshall, Jake 'Jack'
Martial Amaury
Martin, Alek
Martin Ant
Martin, Christopher
Martin, Dick
Martin G. Mayer
Martin, Harland
Martin, Jacob
Martin Lover
Martin Ryter
Martin Spinelli
Martin Target
Martin Tiller
Martin, Tony
Martin, Urban
Martin Visek
Martin X
Marty Baker
Marty Stevens
Marvin, Daniel
Marvin Jones
Marvin Merkins
Marvin Morgan
Marvin, Pedro
Marxx, Harold
Marxxx, Dario
Marxxx, Harold
Masello, Gino di
Masolo, Ginetto Di
Mason, Blake
Mason Coxx
Mason, James
Mason, Jim
Mason, Mike
Massimo Stopano
Master, Eric
Master, Erik
Master, Ken
Master Rage
Masters, Josh
Masters, Lee
Masters, Leon
Masters, Scott
Masterson, Michael
Mateo, Boris
Mathers, Ben
Mathew Moore
Mathews, Travis
Mathews, Tristan
Mathieu, Sean
Matt Andrews
Matt Black
Matt Cobey
Matt Drummond
Matt Houston
Matt Jordan
Matt Ramsey
Matt Sterling
Matt Suo
Matt Thomas
Matt Winer
Matt Woods
Matteo, Tony
Matthew Douglas
Matthew Moore
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Rush
Matthews, Nic
Matthias von Fistenberg
Mattox, A.
Mauldin, Ken
Maurice de Blanc
Maurice Phillipe
Mauricio Morales
Mauro Lo Duca
Maverick, Cole
Maverick, Hunter
Maverick Man
Maverick, Stevan
Max Blue
Max Delgado
Max DeLong
Max Hancock
Max Jaeger
Max Julien
Max Lincoln
Max, M.
Max Philips
Max Phillips
Max Ren
Max Sohl
Max Viper
Max Walker
Maxwell B.
Maxwell Barber
Maxx Ebb
Maxx, Ed
May, Diabolo
Mayer, Alan
Mayer, Martin G.
Mayk IV
Mayo, Brady
Maytland, Victor
Mâzon, Perí
McCabe, David
McCartney, Tyler
McCoy, Bud
McDonald, Xavier
McGeorge, Bill
McGraw, Ian
McGraw, Leon
McGurk, Tom
McGurk, Tom "Ropes"
McIntyre, Sean
McIntyre, Ted
McKay, Gary "Chris"
McKenize, Gary
McKey, Michael
McNamara, Marc
McNeil, Duncan
McReynolds, Bob
Measures, Dick
Medina, Adan
Medved, Misha
Medvsa, Susi
Meghan Chavalier
Mehdi Larbi
Mehemet Yogun
Mel Roberts
Mel Roberts Jr.
Mellow, Miles
Menace, Phantom
Mendez, Blacky
Mendez, Robby
Menou, Yves J.
Menoud, G.
Mercure, Angel
Merkins, Marvin
Mester, Rob
Mester, Robert
Metzger, Radley
Meyers, Ryan
Michael Anthony
Michael B.
Michael Boyd
Michael Brandon
Michael Bredon
Michael Burling
Michael Christ, Ladislav
Michael Clift
Michael Collen
Michael Collin
Michael Colton
Michael Degaetano
Michael Franks
Michael Gaylord
Michael Goertz
Michael Goodwin
Michael Haggerty
Michael Hitchcock
Michael Jeffries
Michael Leon
Michael Lucas
Michael Masterson
Michael McKey
Michael Nest
Michael Ninn
Michael Paris
Michael Perez, P.
Michael Phoenixxx
Michael Prince
Michael Ross Jackson
Michael Saint
Michael Schein
Michael Scott
Michael Smyser
Michael Steel
Michael Torena
Michael West
Michael White
Michael Williams
Michael Youens
Michael Zen
Michaelo, George
Michaels, Anthony
Michaels, Brad
Michaels, Dar
Michaels, Darr
Michaels, Drew
Michaels, Jason
Michaels, Logan
Michaels, Mickey
Michaels, Sean
Michaels, Todd
Michel, Lorenz
Michel Lucas
Michel Olivier
Michelle Austin

Michels, Tom
Mick Hicks
Mickey Knox
Mickey Michaels
Midnight Dream
Miguel Albaladejo
Miguel Sanchez
Mikal, Aaron
Mike (ad)
Mike Boyd
Mike Brady
Mike, Cameraman
Mike Carpenter
Mike Donner
Mike Dreyden
Mike Esser
Mike Haggarty
Mike Haggerty
Mike Hancock
Mike Hitchcock
Mike Kashey
Mike Lamont
Mike, Lil Pig
Mike Mason
Mike Pastori
Mike Reynolds
Mike Ryan
Mike Stabile
Mike Stryker
Mike Swayze
Mike Taylor
Mike Tennis
Mike Tyton
Mike Ventura
Mike Zillion
Milan Dusek
Milano, Danny
Miles, Chris
Miles Henry
Miles Mellow
Miles, Patrick
Miles Pazz
Miles Strayhorn
Miller, Alain
Miller, Dave
Miller, Hans
Miller, Jack
Miller, Jan
Miller, Keith
Miller, Richard
Miller, Zak
Mills, Brian
Mills, Chris
Mills, Peter
Milo Froknek
Milos, Hans
Milos Mimi
Milos Roman
Milos Roman (rb)
Milos Roman (rc)
Mimi, Milos
Minka, Joseph
Minnelli, Franco
Miranda, David
Mirga, L.
Mirga, Ladislav
Misha Medved
Miss Kane
Mister Mark
Mitchell Dundee
Mitchell Dunne
Mitchell, Jake
Mitchell, Sharon
Mitchell, Steven
Mitchell, Thomas
Mizer, Bob
Modi, Lorenzo
Moire Candy
Molnar, Hunter
Moment, Lee
Monaco, Marcelo
Monet, Jules
Monroe Beehler
Montana, Andrew
Montana, Drew
Montana, Mark
Montefort, De
Montel Bradford
Montenegro, Enrico
Montoya, Eduardo
Moore, John
Moore, Kevin
Moore, Lester
Moore, Mathew
Moore, Matthew
Moore, Richard
Moore, Russell
Moore, Tom
Morales, Carlos
Morales, Mauricio
Morales, Ray
Moran, Ian
Moran, Ray
Morano, Tim
Morano, Tony
Morecock, Benny
Moretti, Nick
Morgan, Darren
Morgan, Marvin
Morgan, Paul
Morgan, R. Jay
Morgan, Richard
Morgan, Scott
Morgan, Steve
Morningtide, Raven
Morris, Mark
Morris, Paul
Morris, Prince
Morris, Randy
Morris, Scott
Morris Weisman
Morrissey, Paul
Morty Diamond
Mosca, Tom
Moss, Jim
Moss, Stefan
Mother Goose
Moulin, Jean-Pierre
Moussu, Stéphane
Mozer, Yariv
Mr. Easterday
Mr. Kristofer
Mr. Pam
Mr. Parker
Mr. Strong
Mr. Woodrum
M.S. Kidd
Mugs, Daddy
Muller, Rudolf
Munyan, Keith
Murat Bal
Murphy, Chris
Murphy, Christian
Murphy, Conor
Murphy, Conor J.
Murphy, Freddy
Myer, Steve
Myers, Allan
Myers, Dave
Myles Longue